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KARIN WEIGHT  bought her first Morgan in 1965 from W.T. Carter in California.   Adonna Carter (Black Bart X Prima Donna C by Sonfield) was only five weeks old when Karin fell in love with her pretty face.   They were the combination that experts warn against:  an untrained foal and a novice owner.  However, although Karin made numerous mistakes along the way, Adonna grew up to be a well-trained, beautiful, typy Morgan with a great disposition.  As a four-year-old she was bred to Bar-T Invader, a son of Orcland Leader and the foundation stallion for Art Perry's Intrepid Morgans.  The resultant foal, Santana Breeze, was an excellent show horse and every Morgan currently owned by West Mountain Morgans traces back to Adonna through her.
LARRY WEIGHT purchased his first horse in 1969 from Mary Woolverton in Colorado.  Like Karin's first Morgan, Victory's Tuxedo (Great Hill's Richmond X Babe the Black Lady), was extremely typy with an exceptionally pretty head and a sweet dispositon. 
In 1972 Larry and Karin married, purchased the Brunk-bred Fanny  Cotton (Major Cotton X Tehachapi Queen), and West Mountain Morgans was born.
We have been breeding, training, showing, and loving our Morgans for decades, but have cut down on many horse activities because of age and health related issues.  But Morgan horses are an addiction as strong as heroin; our horses are like family to us, and we won't give them up.  We keep our horses at home on our small farm, and David Macmillan comes here to ride Winston and Casey three or four times a week.  We are actively involved in every aspect of their physical and mental health, their grooming, training, and showing, and Karin still rides, though she no longer shows.  Our grandson Catcher enjoys the horses, so it may be that sometime in the future Casey will become his junior/young rider mount.
Photo:  Adonna Carter with foal Santana Breeze      G. White photo